The Rights And Privileges Of The Citizens Of The Kingdom

citizen of the kingdom

The Kingdom of Heaven is similar to a country (Matthew 25:14). To gain further understanding of the Kingdom it is helpful to understand how a country works. A country is made up of law abiding citizens who have rights and privileges which are guaranteed or backed by the constitution of the country. A constitution is the supreme law which governs a country.

The Kingdom, like a country is also made up of law abiding citizens. In the case of the Kingdom, the citizens are those who are ‘Born Again’ and seek to do the Will of God. Similar to a country, the Kingdom possesses a constitution which governs its citizens. The constitution is the Word of God and it is imperative that we obey the laws outlined within our constitution. Each law that is outlined within our constitution must be respected. These laws guarantee rights and privileges for every Kingdom Citizen. These rights and privileges include healing, prosperity, and provision. As Kingdom Citizens we must not beg for the items outlined within our constitution, we must expect them! (3 John 1:3). Within the Word there are several scriptures which reveal that we are entitled to rights and privileges as long as our lives remain in alignment with God’s Word:

• In Matthew 15:21-28 when a woman sought Jesus to request healing for her daughter, Jesus explained that the healing that she seeks is only available for Citizens of the Kingdom.

• In Matthew 6:33, Jesus said once we are in the kingdom and living in line with its principles, ''all things [prosperity] shall be added".

• Galatians 4:1-9 states that we are Sons of God and not slaves. As Sons we have NO REASON to beg for anything because God is our Father and ALL things belong to God.

Keep this article in mind the next time you are tempted to beg for anything. Do not beg, instead, ASK God for what you require. Remember that You are a Son of God and All things shall be yours according to the Will of God.



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